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Fax is safer than email. Use the hp fax machine that is capable of sending your document fax with how to configure hp faxes on the printer manual. To submit a black and white or color fax, use the printer control panel. To make sure you can send a fax from the printer, check the hp fax configuration and confirm the fax. Do you want to hp fax setup? Here are the guidelines below to configure HP fax readily.

  • In the automatic document feeder position the required document with the printed side facing upwards.
  • After the document has been placed, change the paper width guides depending on the paper size.
  • Tap the right arrow in your printer’s control panel for Fax Black&White or Fax Colour, and then press Ok. Use the keyboard on the control panel to index the fax amount of the recipient.hp-Fax-Setup
  • Tap Start. Tap Start. The printer will send a fax and print a confirmation page on how to configure a hp fax on my HP Printer.
  • If you have to send a single page or fax, elevate the scanner lid and then place the page or picture on the scanner glass.
  • Lock the lid of the scanner. Tap on the right arrow to select Fax Color from the printer Setting, then tap Ok. Key in the hp fax number to the recipient and press Start. The printer sends the fax and prints a page for confirmation.
  • You can also send memory fax. Scan the initial document into the memory of the printer and then submit the memory fax.
  • Black and white fax can also be scheduled to be sent within the next 24 hours.

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How to Set Up the Fax on an HP Envy All in One

Make sure the Hp Fax Setup is compatible. Use the Automatic Document Feeder for multi-page papers. You can use a glass scanner if you want to fax a single page or picture. Faxing is safe and quicker than email. You can send confidential data to businesses without hesitation. Do you need some guides on how to setup a HP fax? or hp fax Set up Use the guides to Set up the hp fax readily on the HP envy fax printer.

  • You can send and obtain fax from the printer by correctly setting up fax attachment.
  • First, unplug telephone devices or networking devices from the telephone jack where the printer is connected.
  • Plug a divider into a phone line into a phone jack. Plug one end of the cord in one of the phone line splitter ports.
  • Connect the other end of the cable on your DSL modem to the Line port. Connect the DSL filter on the splitter to the unused port.
  • Connect one end of another phone Number to the DSL filter in the open port and the other end of the cord to the 1-line port on the back of the printer.
  • Connect one end of the cable to the 2-EXT port on the printer back. Connect the other end of the cord to the telephone answering machine if needed.
  • If the telephone is removed from the caller, insert another telephone cord into the line and plug the other end of the cable into the receiver.
  • The fax link for your printer is now configured. You may need to modify the necessary configuration from the hp fax setup Wizard of your printer for optimum fax results.
  • Set rings to answer two rings greater than a phone reply device lower the fax velocity to avoid loss of fax information.
  • Turn off the Error fix mode to solve link problems and allow automatic reply faxes to be received.

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How to Set Up the Fax on an HP Officejet pro All in One

You can readily submit fax, depending on your requirements. Send a fax from the control panel of the printer, your laptop, your phone, and fax in Error Correction Mode with the Monitor dialing. You can quickly send black and white or color faxes to a single or multiple pages by using the printer control panel. Do you need advice on how to set up fax in hp Oj printer?  or to hp fax set up. Use the following procedures to send a standard fax from the printer Setting.

  • Put the print side up in the document feeder or insert the initial document on the correct front of the scanner glass.
  • ClickFax–> Send now from the home screen. Click enter fax number. Enter the fax number. Use the keyboard to index the fax number and choose OK. Click Black or Color. If the printer detects a loaded original in the document feeder, the document is sent to the number that you entered.
  • You can also fax a document directly from your computer by using the fax on my HP Printer without printing it first.
  • To use this function, make sure you have the hp printer software installed on your desktop.
  • Make sure the printer is bordered by a working telephone line and the fax is installed on HP Printer.
  • Access the document you want to fax on your computer. Select Print from the File menu in your software application.
  • Select the Fax printer in the name. Tap the button that opens the Properties dialog box to modify the settings.
  • The button could be called Properties, Options, hp fax Setup, or Preferences based on the software application.
  • Once the Fax settings have been changed, click on the Ok option, choose Print or Ok. Provide the recipient’s fax number and other data and pick Send fax.

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How to Set Up the Fax on an HP Deskjet All in One

Fax configuration on the HP Deskjet Fax printer capable of faxing to send documents to another fax device. Faxing is safe than e-mail. In most cases, a traditional fixed-line telephone service is required by fax. Prepare your fax printer. Do you want to set up faxes on the printer? or hp fax set up. You can use the instructions below to submit a fax readily from your Deskjet printer and then dial the receiving phone number from the control panel of the printer.

  • On the automatic document feeder, place the initial document. Place the page in the scanner glass if your printer has no ADF or if you need to fax a single page.
  • Ensure that white paper is ready for any fax reports that can be printed in the input cabinet.
  • Make sure that the telephone line is not presently in use. Index the phone number of the recipient or select a number from your phone book.
  • To send a fax, tap Black, Color or Send. The printer dials the amount you entered and establishes a telephone link.
  • If you hear a busy signal, the fax line will be busy. Try setting up the HP Printer fax later.
  • In case you hear someone answering the telephone, stop until they acknowledge your fax manually or cancel the fax in the control panel.
  • If you hear elevated sounds, your fax will be sent. A fax document will be published. Assess the report in order to find out whether the fax has been finished effectively.
  • Faxes are obtained and printed automatically based on the way you set up fax preferences.
  • Faxes can be received manually when you listen to a Fax call on the phone line by pressing Fax or Black on the printer’s control panel.
  • You can now contact our technical solutions team for more data on how to set up fax on HP Printer.

How to Set Up the Fax on an HP Laserjet All in One

Use the telephone Phone and any adapters to be connected to the telephone jack using the printer’s box. Or else, you may not be able to effectively fax the document. Do you need to configure a  fax setup? or hp fax set up. Go through the following guides to easily set up fax on your printer or hp fax setup.

  • Make sure the hardware is fully installed before connecting your fax service.
  • You have either a parallel or a serial telephone scheme based on your nation or region.
  • Disconnect all phone equipment from the phone jack to which the fax machine is connected.
  • Make use of the cord that came to the fax port on the back of the printer by the printer box. Then connect the other end of the phone number that came to the phone jack with the printer.
  • Enable Auto Answer so that the printer will automatically respond to fax calls by setting up the fax of my HP Printer.
  • Tap the power button from the printer control panel to power up the printer.
  • Click on the HP Printer option fax setup. Fax Installation–> Basic HP Fax Setup. Select Answer Mode, click Auto, and tap Ok. To move to the main menu, click on the Home icon. Click Setup. Click Setup. Tap the Down Arrow to scroll to System Setup and select Setting Volume.
  • Click Off, Soft, Loud, or Medium. To return to the primary menu, click the Home icon.
  • You can consult our technical professionals for any questions about how to set up a fax on HP Printer now.

Fax Setup for HP Printer Model


HP DJ Fax Setup


HP Envy Fax Setup


HP Oj Fax Setup


HP OJPro Fax Setup

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  • Send fax by HP fax
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  • Hp fax test number

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We find hp fax setup approach to be clean and minimalist. All of the required basic options are on the market right from the instant of hp fax set up. Users trying to find a minimalist approach can find HP Faxes direct approach to be easy.

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Hp Printer Fax Setup

You can send and obtain faxes using the hp fax printer, including color faxes. You can plan faxes and hp fax setup speed dials to send faxes to frequently used numbers rapidly and easily.

You can also set a range of fax choices from the hp fax printer control panel, such as the resolution and contrast between lightness and darkness, on your Hp Fax Setup.

Make sure you set up the printer for faxing properly before you start faxing. You could have achieved this already, using either the control panel or the HP fax software supplied by the Hp fax, for the original configuration.


HP Fax Setup for Windows 7

  • Open the document you want to hp fax setup on your desktop.
  • Click Print on the File menu in your software application. (For Windows 7)
  • Select the printer with “fax” in the name from the Name list.
  • Click on the button that opens the hp fax Printer Properties dialog box to modify settings (for instance to send a document as black or color). This button may be called Properties, Options, Printer Setup, Printer, or Preferences, depending on your software application. Click OK.
  • Click Print or OK.
  • Enter the hp fax number and the recipient’s other data, alter any other hp fax settings, and then press Sending Fax.
  • The printer starts to dial the hp fax number and the document.

HP Fax Setup for MAC

  • Open the document you want to hp fax Setup on your desktop.
  • Click Print from the File menu in your software application(For Mac)
  • Select the “(Fax)” printer in the name.
  • From the pop-up menu, select hp Fax Information. If the pop-up menu is not found, attempt clicking the Reveal triangle next to the Printer choice.
  • In the boxes supplied, enter the hp fax number and other data. hp Fax options pick from the popup menu, and then click Color, to submit color fax.
  • Select any hp fax alternatives you would like and then click hp Fax to start faxing.

123 HP Fax Test Number

    1.     HP fax test number – Setup the HP fax printer according to your home or office configuration guidelines.
    2.     Ensure that the ink cartridges are installed and that the full-size paper is loaded into the input cabinet before the exam starts.
    3.     Touch (correct arrow) from the control panel of the printer, and then select Setup.
    4.     Choose Tools, then choose Run hp Fax Test. The HP printer shows the hp test fax status on the screen and prints a report.
    5.     Review report.
  •  If the experiment goes and faxing is still difficult, check the hp Fax settings shown in the document to confirm the settings. hp fax setup or hp fax settings that is blank or inaccurate can cause issues with faxing.
  • If the exam fails, check the report for further data on how to resolve any issues.

How to Send Fax by Hp fax

  1. First Configure your fax with hp Fax Setup. then Load your original print-side down into the glass or print-side in the ADF on the right-hand corner.
  2. Fax Touch.
  3. Use the keyboard to enter the fax number. [ Touch* repeatedly until a dash (–) appears on the display in order to add a pause to the fax number. ]
  4. Start Touch Black or Start Color.

hp-faxAfter completing the hp fax setup. Send a fax manually enables you to call and speak to the recipient before sending the fax. This is helpful to tell the receiver that you will fax them before sending them. You can hear telephone calls, phone calls, or other sounds on your phone when you submit a hp fax manually. This makes it simple for you to submit your hp fax with a calling card.

The receiver can answer the telephone, or the HP Fax machine may take the call, depending on how the receiver is set up. If an individual responds to the device, before sending a fax, you can talk to the recipient. If you receive the call from an HP fax machine, you can straight send the fax to the device when the hp faxes tones are heard from the receiving fax machine.

To manually send a fax from an extension phone.

  1. Load your original print side in the ADF on the right side of the glass or print side.
  2. Hp Fax Touch on Smartphone.
  3. Specify the amount by using the mobile keyboard attached to the printer. Do not use the keypad in the printer control panel when sending a fax manually. You have to use the keyboard on your phone to dial the amount of the recipient.
  4. If the receiver answers the phone, before sending a fax, you can participate in a discussion. If a hp fax setup responds to the call, hp fax tones from the hp fax machine are heard. Go to the next step to send the fax.
  5. Touch Start Black or Start Color when you are prepared to submit the hp fax. Select Send Fax if prompted.

If you talk to the recipient before you send the fax, tell him or her to press Start on your hp fax machine after hearing the hp fax tones.hp-faxes

The telephone line is silent while the fax is being sent. You can hang up the phone at this stage. If you want to talk to the recipient further, stay online until the hp fax setup is finished.

Dialing monitor enables you to dial a number in the printer Settings as you would a standard phone. When you submit fax by dialing the monitor, the speakers on the printer can hear the dial tones, telephone calls, or other sounds. This allows you to react to instructions and regulate the speed of your dialing.

If you are using a calling card and do not enter your PIN quickly, the printer may begin to send hp fax tones quickly and cause the calling card service to not recognize your PIN. If so, you can generate a speed dial entry to save your calling card’s PIN.

Send a Black-and-White Fax from Memory

  1. After Completing your Hp fax setup. Load your originals.
  2. Touch hp Fax, then tap Fax or Hp Fax Settings.
  3. Scan Touch, Fax Touch.
  4. Enter the hp fax numbers by pressing the keyboard, touch (speed dial) to select a speed dial, or contact (call history).
  5. Hit Start Fax.

To plan a HP Fax from the control panel for the printer.

  • After Configure your Hp Fax Setup. Load your originals.
  • Touch Fax and then touch Fax or Hp Fax options.
  • Touch Send Fax Subsequently.
  • Enter the moment of sending using the numerical keypad, touch AM or PM, and then choose Done.
  • Enter the Hp fax number with the button, the touch to choose a speed dial, or the touch to select an earlier assigned or obtained number.
  • Hit Start Fax.

123 HP Fax Platform Independent


Install the Finest HP Fax Setup and software available on windows. Make Perfect that your HP unit and your device is connected to same WiFi connection. Set your hp Fax name in device and enjoy Fax.

Mac OS

HP Fax allow connection to your Apple devices. Install the HP Fax Setup on your Mac. Connect via USB cable or through your local WiFi or Ethernet connection.

Android Smart Phones
Connect your HP Fax Printer with Android smart phone. HP Fax service plug-in allows you to print from Android devices over WiFi connection. Install and run the 123.hp.com Printer service plug-in. Get your Print is done with HP Fax Setup plug-in.

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Faq's for HP Fax

Why is faxing still used in 2020?

1. Because other people are the use of it

Fax nonetheless has a large user base.

Just about every trade has a fax device and publishes their fax number publicly, as smartly some companies insist on transmitting some of their data over fax.

Simply as it’s so prevalent, it’s still used a lot.

2. In a large number of circumstances, it’s still faster than different era

Drop a piece of paper into the report feeder, press ten digits and an inexperienced button, and your knowledge is transmitted.

No wish to scan to a computer, notice the document is upside down, then return and re-scan it, return to your laptop, glance up any individual’s email address, and then send the document.

3. It’s an easy way to send signatures (as a bonus: without an image of those signatures touching a network)

It prints the document out automatically, where you’ll be able to merely sign and initial it and fax it again to the opposite birthday party.

Since fax works over the phone line, there’s no wish to worry about an image of a signature saved on a community.

4. Confirmation of document receipt and confirmation pages:

This reason is the biggest (hardly talked about) explanation of why faxing continues to be in use.

When you ship fax, you’ll choose to obtain a “confirmation page.” This is a printout that the fax machine on the receiving end has said: “message completely received.”

This types the digital equivalent of sending registered mail – there’s a file of the message being gained via somebody.

Other electronic methods (similar to email, for instance) are closer to regular mail – the message is distributed, and there is not any confirmation of its receipt.

The benefit to having a confirmation web page is that it makes it tougher for the opposite person to say that they “never got the message.”