The Deskjet 2622 goes simple on your pocket and is an Extraordinary single-usefulness printer for those whose printing needs are a base. The HP Deskjet 2622 offers an extremely decent print quality at a similarly Sensible Cost. The lightweight and minimal plan is another motivation behind why you ought to consider the Deskjet 2622 for your everyday printing needs. You can connect your printer to the framework by means of a rapid USB 2.0 port yet the printer doesn’t bolster a WiFi or Ethernet association that empowers printers to interface with the web. The Input and Output Trays of the printer accompany a limit of 60 and 25 sheets separately. The product drivers for your HP Printer can be downloaded from Setup.

Sending a standard fax

  • The client can send a highly contrasting or shading fax, single or different pages Fax, utilizing the printer control board.
  • Ruler your report in the archive feeder (Print side up). The client can likewise stack the report on the scanner glass (print site down).
  • On the printer control board, you can see the alternative for fax, contact Fax.
  • Select Send Now.
  • You have the choice to enter the fax number physically and you can likewise that telephone directory on the off chance that you need to get a number from your telephone directory. (Client can likewise choose a contact from recently dialed or got number)
  • Select Black or Clear.

123 HP Deskjet 2622 Sending Fax from Computer

Users have the office of sending a Fax report Straight Forwardly from the PC framework without printing it first. You can Fax in Many ways. Using 123 HP Deskjet 2622 Fax Control Panel, You can Send a black and white or color 123 HP Deskjet 2622 Fax Setup. You can also send a fax manually from an attached Mobile Devices. This allows you to speak with the recipient before you send the Fax.

Windows user

  • Open the record on your PC.
  • From the document menu, click Print.
  • Go to the name list, select the name of the printer having ‘fax’ in the name.
  • You can change the settings, for example, the shade of the Fax by heading off to the Properties discourse box.
  • In the wake of determining the settings, click OK.
  • Snap Print
  • Enter the beneficiary data.
  • The client can likewise modify the settings on the off chance that you need to and, at that point snap Send Fax.

MAC User

  • Open the report you need to fax.
  • Go to the record menu and snap Print.
  • Select the name of the printer which has ‘fax’ in the name.
  • Presently enter the beneficiary data, for instance, the fax number or a name.
  • When you are finished with every one of the settings and data snaps Fax

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123 HP Deskjet 2622 Receiving Fax from Computer

You can Receive Faxes either Automatically or Physically. You have to turn off the Auto Answer option to receive the Fax, Generally, this choice remains constantly turned on. The Printer naturally answers the incoming calls and gets faxes upon a predefined number of telephone rings, which is generally set under the Rings to Answer settings. i.e., Five rings are set to default in Rings to Answer settings.

Receive a Fax manually

When you are on the phone, the end-user can talk to you and also send a fax at the same time. You will receive the Fax after hearing the fax tone from the phone receiver.

  1. Ensure the Printer is turned ON and is loaded with Paper in the input tray
  2. Keep away the papers from the document feeder tray
  3. Use a high number in the Rings to Answer settings in order to answer the incoming Fax call, and before the printer answers
  4. If you are in a conversation with the sender then ask him/her to press Start on their Fax machine
  5. Once you hear the Fax tone you can synchronize your Printer by using the control panel. Open the printer control panel and touch Fax, touch Send and Receive, and thereafter touch Receive Now
  6. You can hang the phone once the fax is transmitted or you can wait till the transmission is finished and acknowledge the sender on Fax received. During the Fax transmission, the Phone line is kept silent

HP DeskJet 2622 fax from phone

Load the original print side up into the Document feeder, or Load the Original print side down on the right front corner of the scanner glass. Call the number on the Mobile that is connected to the Fax. Click Fax from the control panel. Touch Black or Color, When you are ready to send the fax.

Set up backup Fax

At the point when your printer is in a mistake condition or none of the faxes it gets, at that point you can arrange reinforcement Fax highlight. You store the majority of the Faxes that are gotten.

To set up Reinforcement fax utilizing Printer Control Panel:

  1. Contact or Swipe down the Printer Control Panel to open the Printer Dashboard
  2. Contact Fax arrangement
  3. Contact inclinations and contact Backup Fax Reception
  4. Contact from custom settings. i.e., ON, ON Error just and OFF mode
  5. ON: This is the default setting. Reinforcement Fax setting stores all the Faxes got to memory. You can likewise go through this alternative for recovering to 30 Faxes from memory. In the event that the memory gets full, at that point the Printer quits noting Fax calls
  6. ON Error Only: If a blunder happens in the Printer then the majority of the approaching faxes naturally get put away in the printer memory. When the Printing mistake is settled then all the put-away Faxes is printed consequently from the printer memory
  7. OFF: When the Backup Fax setting is killed then you can’t store the approaching faxes to printer memory, particularly accomplished for Security reasons

hp test fax setup

  1. Set up the HP Deskjet 2622 fax printer in keeping with your home or place of job hp test fax tips.
  2. Make positive that the ink cartridges are put in which the huge paper is loaded into the enter cupboard sooner than the examination begins.
  3. Contact (correct arrow) from the keep an eye on the panel of the printer, and so make a selection Setup.
  4. Make a choice Tools, then select Run Fax check.
  5. The printer presents the check status at the display screen and prints a report.
  6. Review document.
  • If the experiment is going and faxing remains to be tough, check the fax settings proven throughout the report to verify the settings.
  • A fax atmosphere that’s clean or faulty will motive problems with faxing.
  • If the hp test fax fails, check the document for further knowledge on a method to resolve any problems.


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