123 HP Envy 4500 Users of the Fax Settings can also send and obtain fax using the 123 HP Envy 4500 All-in – One Printer series. Color faxes included. Users can schedule faxes that can be sent at any time and can also set phonebook contacts to send their faxes easily via the already numbered feed. Users can also readily choose from a printer control panel and set a number of fax choices. The resolution and contrast to your faxes you want to submit can be specified.

Sending a standard fax

  •       You can send a single or multiple pages of Fax, black and white or color fax, using a printer control panel.
  •       In the document feeder, lord your paper (Print side up). Users can also load the scanner glass document (print down site).
  •       You can see the fax choice, touch Fax, on the printer control panel.
  •       Choose Send Now.
  •       You can enter the fax number manually, and you can also enter the telephone number if you want a telephone book number.
  •       (In addition, the user can choose a contact from a number earlier assigned or obtained)
  •       Choose Black or Clear.

123 HP Envy 4500 Computer fax sending.

  • Users can send a Fax document straight from the computer system without first printing it.
  • Send a normal fax (Windows user) from your computer system. 
  • Open your computer file.
  • Click Print from the file menu.
  • Go to the contact list, choose the name of the printer with the name ‘ fax.’
  • The settings like fax color can be changed by going to the Properties dialog box.
  • After the settings have been specified, click OK. Click Print. Enter the data of the recipient.
  • If you want, the user can also modify the settings and then press Fax send.
  • Send faxes (OS X users) from your computer system.   
  • Open the fax file you want.
  • Go to the menu of the file and press Print.
  • Choose the printer name with’ fax’ in the name.
  • Enter the receiving data, e.g. the fax number or name.
  • Once all the settings and data have been completed, click Fax.

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123 HP Envy 4500 Send Fax from Mobile.

Users can use the extension to send Fax by telephone. This helps users to speak to the receiver before fax is sent.

  • Load in the document feeder or onto the scanner glass your initial document.
  • You now have to contact the phone number linked to your printer.
  • (Once you hear the fax notification, the user can inform the recipient to obtain a fax from their device. However, when the fax machine answers your call, you will hear a fax notification from the receiving fax machine.)
  • On the printer panel, select Fax.
  • Choose Send.
  • Now indicate the Fax, Black or Clear color.
  • Your phone stays silent as long as your fax is transferred. You can stop calling as quickly as the fax starts transmitting or until the fax is transferred and then speak to the recipient.

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Send fax using the printer control panel's monitor dialing.

  •       The user can send faxes by dialing the monitor and listen to the dial tones, phone notifications and other sounds.
  •       Load in the feeder or on the scanner glass your initial document.
  •       Touch Fax from the printer control panel.
  •       Touch Send Now.
  •       Choose color, black or color.
  •       Choose Enter Fax Number or enter the recipient in the phone book.
  •       If it happens, select any other alternatives.
  •       Choose Send.

HP Test Fax setup

  1. Set up the HP envy 4500 fax printer per your home or workplace hp test fax tips.
  2. Make sure that the ink cartridges are put in which the large paper is loaded into the input cupboard before the examination starts.
  3. touch (correct arrow) from the control panel of the printer, and so select Setup.select Tools, then select Run Fax test.
  4. The printer shows the check standing on the screen and prints a report.
  5. Review report.
  • If the experiment goes and faxing continues to be tough, check the fax settings shown within the document to confirm the settings. A fax setting that’s blank or inaccurate will cause problems with faxing.
  • If the hp test fax fails, check the report for additional information on a way to resolve any problems.