You can enable the HP Digital Fax capability on your hp officejet pro 8715 printer Fax Setup printhead device. This permits your printer to get the right of entry to the incoming faxes and saves them at once to a folder that is ready for this faxing purpose. HP Digital Fax allows you to save all your essential fax information to the folder for your network by the use of the PC. Moreover, you’ll additionally ahead those faxes as electronic mail attachments to preferable e-mail identification. However, make an observation that you can’t concurrently save the fax and emails it at the identical time. You have a number of other options associating the fax capability by way of the HP Digital Fax.

Procedures to Setup Fax on HP OJ Pro 8715 printer

Follow the underneath process so as to configure HP Digital Fax on your hp Officejet pro 8715 printers for Windows OS. All you need to do is to open the HP Printer instrument to be had in your Windows PC. Then click the Print possibility. Navigate to the Scan & Fax choice, and then select the Fax option. Then you’ll be able to see the Digital Fax Setup option, now click it and follow the on-screen directions to complete the HP Digital Fax Setup.

Things to ponder as you Setup the HP Digital Fax

Open the HP Utility software and click on the Digital Fax choice and you’ll clearly practice the onscreen directions. You want to use the Save and Test the hyperlink to be able to ensure that the network folder is working perfectly.

Computer Device ( Windows )

  • Open the Printer device from HP (Windows)
  • Then continue to click on the Print
  • Find the Scan & Fax possibility, and then click on Fax
  • Choose the Digital Fax Setup after which obviously practice the onscreen directions, which is able to let you set the HP Digital Fax.

Computer Device (Mac )

  • Get the HP Utility opened.
  • Click at the archive of the Digital Fax and clearly observe the on-screen directions.
  • Save and Test the link to make sure that the network folder is operating as it should be.

Setting the HP Digital Fax from Embedded web server (EWS):

  • Open the Printer device from HP (Windows).
  • Then continue to click on the Print.
  • Find the Scan & Fax possibility, and then click on Fax.
  • Choose the Digital Fax Setup after which obviously practice the onscreen directions, which is able to let you set the HP Digital Fax.

HP Digital Fax via Embedded Web Server

  • Open the EWS, and select the Fax to Email or Network Folder option that is to be had within the Setup wizard. Then Save and Test the link to the network folder trail works advantageous. Note that whilst you receive monochrome faxes, by way of HP Digital Fax, moderately your color faxes are most often now not treated by means of the HP Digital Fax. And the color faxes are printed because of this.
  • Usually, no notification is shipped to you concerning the faxes which are the network folder, while you use Fax to Network Folder choice. But in case, you use Fax to Email choice, you’ll receive an email notification that reminds you every time you obtain new faxes from your hp officejet pro 8715 Printer.

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HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 Fax Sending Setup -Phone

  • Use the telephone extension and send a fax via your telephone to start the HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 fax setup process. First, load the document printed onto the glass of the scanner or printed onto the feeder of the document.
  • Enter the telephone number which is attached to the printer device after loading.
  • If the call is received, you can tell the recipient immediately that the receiver will be faxed on his machine. On the other hand, the caller uses the fax tone to signal the faxing process if the fax machine gets a call.
  • In the meantime, hit fax in the control panel of your printer, press Send and then touch Fax. If you use the faxed scanner glass, use the glass and select black or color.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 Fax Sending Setup using Printer’s Control Panel

  • First, load the report at the scanner glass with the print-side down. On the Other hand, you can additionally load the record with print-side up in the report feeder.
  • Later, contact fax on the printer’s keep watch over panel display and then tap ship now from the option.
  • Now, the software asks you to go into the fax quantity to begin the process. Use the keypad and input the fax number.
  • Use the * button so as to add a pause (-) in between the fax number.
  • Finally, you might have to choose the scan kind both as black or color.
  • Your printer instrument routinely detects the loaded file and ship it immediately to the entered quantity.

Computer Device- Windows

  • Download Latest HP Printer Software for your pc device and simplify the hp Officejet pro 8715 Fax Sending Setup procedure.
  • You can without delay ship the fax request from the pc device without printing it.
  • First, make sure that you have totally functioning telephone line after which check with the fax arrangement.
  • Open the file that you wish to have to percentage thru fax. Select print from the report meu, make a selection the printer tool that fax in its identifies.
  • Then, use the properties conversation field to set the basic settings and click on OK to save lots of the fundamental settings.
  • Click print, input the fax quantity, and select ship fax.
  • Now, the printer instrument mechanically starts the faxing procedure.

Computer Device- Mac

  • First, open the report that you want to use and make a choice print from the file menu.
  • Now, the instrument lists you put of printer tool and help you to select the most well-liked software.
  • Here, you’ve to make a choice the printer that has “ Fax” in its title.
  • You too can enter the identity out of your contact or you’ll enter the fax number.
  • After finishing the hp officejet pro 8715 Fax Sending Setup, click on fax to start up the faxing procedure.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 Fax Sending Setup -Phone

  • To start the HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 Fax Sending Setup process, use the telephone extension and send the fax the use of your telephone.
  • First, load the record print-side down on the scanner glass or print-side up at the file feeder.
  • After the loading, input the quantity from the phone’s keypad that is attached to the printer instrument.
  • If the getter will get the call, you’ll directly tell the recipient that they are about to receive a fax on their system.
  • On the opposite hand, if the fax system gets the decision it uses the fax tone to offer signs in regards to the faxing procedure.
  • In the meantime, hit fax on your printer’s control panel, faucet Send and then touch send a fax.
  • If you might be using the scanner glass for the faxing procedure then contact use glass and make a choice black or color.

Monitor Dialing

  • You can listen to the dial tone, telephone prompts, and other sounds if you use the monitor dialing during the fax process. You can therefore readily answer the prompts and also regulate the dialing speed.
  • First, load the document onto the scanner glass or print the document feeder with the print side.
  • After that, select a fax from the control panel of the printer and then select send fax.
  • The device will then ask you to choose the fax color to select the preferred type. Wait a while, enter the fax number after the dial tone has been given.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 Fax Sending Setup -Fax from Memory

  • This memory fax is a two-stage process. First, you must scan and store black and white fax as a memory, and then send the fax from your memory directly.
  • If the number you are trying to reach is busy or available, you can use this memory fax.
  • First, the printer scans and saves the document to the memory and then sends it automatically when the connection is activated.
  • To begin, make sure the scan and fax method are ON. Select the setup from the control panel of the printer, then select the Fax setting for the basic preferences.
  • Now put the file in the document feeder and pick the fax from the control panel of the printer.
  • Enter the fax number with the keyboard and submit the fax number now.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 Fax Receiving Setup

HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 uses the car answer method to set the fax receiving trail. Users could make the process manual or automatic with the auto-answer choice. Turn Off the auto resolution strategy to manually obtain the faxes in your machine. Conversely, turn on the car answer possibility in order that your tool can keep an eye on the incoming calls and faxes all by itself. Here, we gave directions for the hp Officejet pro 8715 Fax Receiving Setup. Use the Automatic Reduction strategy to regulate the fax-paper size.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 Fax Receiving Setup - Manual Process

  • First, be sure that the printer device is energetic and there are sufficient sheets in the input tray.
  • Then, take out the additional sheets from the file feeder tray.
  • Turn OFF the Auto Answer solution to arrange the faxing procedure manually. On the Other hand, alert the sender to show ON the faxing device to begin the faxing procedure.
  • After getting the fax tone, the faucet Fax on the Printer’s control panel after which make a selection Receive now from the Send and Receive.
  • Following this procedure, you’ll be able to both continue the phone communication or terminate the connection.
  • It will have to be famous that the telephone remains silent all the way through this fax transmission process.

Backup Process

  • Set the Basic preferences and check with the safety requirements to set the backup characteristic of the printer software.
  • You can either backup the entire faxes or the faxes when the printer is in an error or offline condition.
  • First, tap setup at the printer’s keep watch over panel, and then choose fax setup to set the HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 Fax Receiving Setup.
  • After that, faucet personal tastes after which make a choice Backup Fax Reception to set the backup settings.
  • If you choose ON, the tool routinely backs up all the won faxes.
  • Then, use the On Error Only approach to retailer the incoming faxes whilst the instrument is in an error situation.
  • Finally, the Off choice by no means stores the incoming faxes. You can Turn Off the Backup fax for the safety objective.
  • In specific, in the event, you Turn OFF the Back-Up fax possibility then it by no means retail outlets the faxes even throughout the mistake condition

Receiving Faxes from the memory

  • Generally, your printer tool saves the faxes that are not imprinted on the memory. First, just remember to have loaded sufficient paper in the enter tray ahead of beginning the HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 Fax Receiving Setup process.
  • After that, make selection fax from the printer’s keep an eye on the panel, and contact reprint. The printing process takes place within the reverse order, use the cancel button to stop the reprinting procedure.

HP Digital Fax- HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 Fax Receiving Setup

  • With the HP Digital fax, you’ll be able to simplify the saving and receiving process. It robotically receives the information and saves it on your pc device. In common, it shops the file in the TIFF or PDF format. You can save the paper and ink usage with this HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 Fax Receiving Setup.


  • First, test with the most well-liked destination folder as it should be available the entire time. Your instrument may fail to complete the process if the targeted instrument isn’t active. Then, load enough sheets into the input tray.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 Fax Receiving Setup:

  • First, open the HP Printer Software to your pc instrument and then choose Digital Fax Setup Wizard. Get the On-Screen Instructions and whole the HP virtual Fax Setup.

Redo the HP Digital Fax Settings

Printer’s Control Panel First:

Tap setup after which select fax setup. After that, make a selection HP Digital Fax beneath the personal tastes. Here, you’ll be able to adjust the fundamental settings like fax printing and switch OFF your HP Digital Fax.


To get started with, open the printer tool and choose Digital Fax Setup wizard below the Scan and Fax. Use the On-screen instructions to finish the setup procedure.


  • Open the HP software for your tool, make a choice of your printer software from the indexed consequence.
  • Now, choose the Digital Fax Archive under the fax settings phase. To put the HP Digital Fax into sleep mode, choose setup from the printer’s to regulate panel and faucet Fax Setup.
  • After that, choose HP Digital Fax from the preferences and Turn OFF HP Digital Fax. In the tip, contact yes to Turn OFF the Digital Fax.

Redo the HP Digital Fax Settings

With the Caller ID provider, you’ll be able to block explicit numbers for your printer software. After receiving a request, your device compares the incoming quantity with the listing of blocked customers. Your instrument mechanically detects and blocks the incoming fax which can be being despatched from the blocked number.

Create a Junk List:

First, contact setup on the printer’s regulate panel after which select Fax setup. After that, tap Junk Fax Blocking under the preferences menu. Tap the (+) plus signal, you’ll add the fax quantity from the call historical past and you can manually add them with the Add choice.

HP Test Fax setup

  1. Set up the hp Officejet pro 8715 fax printer in step with your house or place of business hp test fax tips.
  2. Make sure that the ink cartridges are put wherein the huge paper is loaded into the input cabinet ahead of the exam begins.
  3. Touch (proper arrow) from the keep an eye on a panel of the printer, and so select Setup. choose Tools, then make a selection Run Fax Test.
  4. The printer shows the check stand at the screen and prints a document. Review record.
  5. If the experiment is going and faxing remains to be difficult, check the fax settings proven throughout the report to confirm the settings.
  • A fax setting that’s clean or misguided will reason problems with faxing.
  • If the hp test fax fails, check the file for further data on a method to resolve any issues.


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