You can prepare your OfficeJet 3830 for faxing using the traditional technique. Determine the sort of attachment you are going to use and then follow the configuration instructions. The operation for HP Officejet 3830 Printer can vary from home to office. Check whether the cartridges are loaded in the input cabinet. Touch the Fax Setup and tap Test Fax. By carrying out the fax test, you can confirm that the fax configuration is correct

Sending a standard fax

  • The user will send a black and white or color fax, single or multiple pages
  • Fax, mistreatment the printer control panel.
  • Lord your document within the document feeder (Print facet up).
  • User also can load the document on the scanner glass (print website down).
  • On the printer control board you’ll see the choice for fax, touch Fax.
  • Select Send currently.
  • You have the choice to enter the fax number manually and you’ll conjointly that phone book if you would like to urgevariety from your phone book.
  • (User also can choose a contact from previously dialed or received number)
  • Select Black or Clear

123 HP Officejet 3830 Computer fax sending

  •  Computer and fax machine switch on.
  •  “Open” the file you want to fax.
  •  Click File and the menu list will be displayed.
  •  Click Print and the dialog box “Print Properties” opens.
  •  Select from the list the printer that contains the “fax” in the name.
  •  Click on the Properties button to “modify environments.”
  •  After making all the needed adjustments, click OK.
  •  To start transmitting the fax, select Print.
  •  Enter the recipient’s fax number when the screen prompts.
  •  Make further modifications before and finalize.
  •  Click Send Fax and start faxing by dialing the entered fax number

123 HP Officejet 3830 Send Fax from Mobile.

Check if the phone line is active and linked to the printer, how to fax on HP Officejet 3830 Printer Over the phone support.

  • Turn the printer on and get ready for a fax.
  • Load the file into the feeder for the document.
  • Make sure that the document is put on the scanner glass with the print side.
  • Touch the Home screen fax.
  • Choose the number of the recipient using the phone keypad.
  • Inform the recipient that the fax must be received.
  • Hear the fax tone, if your call is received by the machine.
  • Wait for the fax to be sent to the other end.
  • Hang up the phone at the start of the transmission.

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How to Receive a Fax Manually from HP OJ3830 Printer?

  • To obtain faxes manually, connect the printer straight to the device.
  • Turn on the printer and stay prepared.
  • Load a pile of paper on the input panel.
  • Remove all files in the feeder of files.
  • Turn on Auto Answer and the printer gets the call automatically.
  • Set the answer rings and the printer responds to the incoming call.
  • Ask the transmitter to submit the fax, if you attend the call manually.
  • Touch Home screen fax.
  • Tap Send and Receive and choose Receive Now.
  • Hang up the phone or stay silent while transmitting the fax.

Get Backup Fax using Printer Control Panel

The above instructions are provided for how to fax the HP Officejet 3830 printer. The following instructions provide the way to get backup.

  • Touch fax from the printer control panel home screen.
  • Tap Setup and select Preferences from it.
  • To backup fax, select Backup Fax Reception option.
  • Touch the preferred display setting options.
  • Make sure you enable the Backup Fax option.
  • Reprint the recently stored in the memory of the printer.
  • Backup files before memory is deleted.
  • To save document only when the mistake happens, select Only Error.
  • If you don’t want any backup, turn on the backup fax.
  • To apply the changes, click OK.

HP Test Fax setup

  1. Set up the HP Officejet 3830 fax printer according to your home or place of work hp test fax pointers.
  2. Make sure that the ink cartridges are put wherein the huge paper is loaded into the enter cupboard earlier than the examination begins.
  3. contact (proper arrow) from the keep watch over panel of the printer, and so choose Setup.make a selection Tools, then choose Run Fax take a look at.
  4. The printer presentations the hp test Fax standing on the screen and prints a file. Review document.
  5. If the experiment is going and faxing is still tricky, take a look at the fax settings shown throughout the file to substantiate the settings.
  • A fax atmosphere that’s clean or faulty will purpose problems with faxing.
  • If the HP test fax fails, check the document for additional data on a solution to unravel any problems.


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FAQ'S for HP Officejet 3830 Fax

How to Send Fax from 123 HP Officejet 3830 fax?

Users have the facility of sending a Fax report immediately from the computer system without printing it first.

Send a regular fax out of your laptop gadget (Windows person)

  • Open the document for your laptop.
  • From the record menu, click Print.
  • Go to the title record, make a selection the identify of the printer having ‘fax’ within the title.
  • You can exchange the settings comparable to the color of the Fax by way of going to the Properties conversation field.
  • After specifying the settings, click OK.
  • Click Print
  • Enter the recipient data.
  • User can also regulate the settings if you want to after which click on Send Fax.

Send fax from your computer device (OS X users)

  • Open the file you want to fax.
  • Go to the record menu and click on Print.
  • Select the identify of the printer which has ‘fax’ in the identify.
  • Now input the recipient data, for example the fax quantity or a name.
  • Once you might be achieved with the entire settings and knowledge click Fax.