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hp printer wireless setup

123 hp printer wireless setup

Wifi compatible devices can now be connected to a 123 hp printer wireless system. Steps to start Wi-Fi Direct:

  1. First open the HP Printer Control Panel.
  2. Click the WiFi Direct option.
  3. To enable Wi-Fi on your HP wireless printer, go to the Settings option.
  4. The Wireless Setup Wizard connects to wireless capable devices.
  5. Check the Internet connection before confirming any setting.
  6. Note: If the device has a USB connection, try using the Wi-Fi Direct method.
  7. Now open the HP Printer software that was previously downloaded in the form of 123hp.com.
  8. Open Device Setup Software via the Tools option.
  9. Select the Add New Device option.
  10. Click the Wireless option to connect wireless capable devices.
  11. At this point, the wireless setup for the HP printer is complete.
  12. The printer supports Wireless Setup Wizard, HP Auto Wireless Connection, WPS Setup and USB Printer Wireless Setup.

123 HP printer wireless Mobile Printing

AirPrint Setup

  1. You should have an Internet connection for your Apple devices, and here are the steps for the 123 HP Printer Airprint system.
  2. Any version of MAC OS can be used to print with the hp mobile printing solution. See 123hp.com for more changes

ePrint Setup

  1. Take print outs from anywhere with the ePrint setup. Ensure proper connection between your printer and your computer, and gain access to your printer using the ePrint service.
  2. Create an email and send it to the printer’s printing address, which will automatically print your printer content.
  3. Cloud Print Setup
  4. The CloudPrint system can be used in any corner of the world and the files are easily accessed by Google CloudPrint. For this, you need to know your printer mailing address.
  5. After the above step, log into your Google Account on your device and pick up the printers that make up Android devices and Chromebook.
  6. Note: Ensure continuity of Internet connection throughout the entire process.
  7.  Get started with USB setup

hp printer driver download

HP Printer Driver Download and Install 

  1. Follow the instructions given for the hp printer software system. This includes downloading the 123 hp printer driver.
  2. Start running the new HP printer and devices (MAC or Windows)
  3. Then open any web browser and type 123hp.com
  4. Find your printer’s model number from the HP Printer Control Panel. Get the best printer software package for your model.
  5. Select the basic software or the full special printer driver to suit your operating system.
  6. Start the download by clicking on the download option.
  7. After this, locate the printer software file in the download folder.
  8. Finally, run the software file on your computer and enjoy the printing experience.
  9. Proceed with the HP Printer driver that installs the instructions for MAC or Windows using the on-screen instructions.

hp printer driver unavailable

Hp Printer Driver Unavailable or Not Found

To fix the problem, try the steps below the queue. At each step, check whether the problem has been resolved; If not, follow the next step.

Install the latest scanner drivers, then restart the system:

  1. If a TWAIN file is missing or damaged, Acrobat returns an error message when you attempt to scan using the TWAIN interface. Reinstalling the scanner driver 
  2. To reinstall the driver, delete all files and folders that start with Twine in the Windows or Windows folder (for example, “Twain_32.dll”). Then restart Windows and then install the latest scanner driver according to the manufacturer’s instructions or steps mentioned here.

Check if the device is physically connected:

  1. Check the cables for the USB cable, LAN cable, etc. used to connect the scanner. Disconnect and reassemble the cables to make sure the connections are correct.
  2. Make sure the scanner is enabled and no error message is displayed on its display (if any). If there is any error or if the scanner is stuck in any process, restart the scanner.
  3. Windows can install both TWAIN and WIA drivers. Similarly, the Macintosh may contain both TWAIN and ICA drivers. Try scanning any other scanner driver replacement (ICA, WIA or TWAIN) if one does not work.
  4. On Windows: Select any TWAIN and WIA drivers on the scanner selection screen in Acrobat as shown in the screenshot below.

On Mac: Select any TWAIN and ICA drivers on the Scanner selection screen in Acrobat as shown in the screenshot below.

 Check if the scanner works with any other application:

  1. Windows and Macintosh have some built-in and third-party applications, so you can try using the scanner:
  2. For Windows, there is a software called TWACKER,  scanner driver test application. It is available for free. Download and install your scanner to see if it works.
  3. As for OS X, there is a pre-installed image capture application that can be used to check if the scanner is working or not.
  4. Alternatively, if any other application that uses the scan function is installed, you can use it to test whether the scanner is performing as expected in that application.
  5. If the scanner does not work in any application, this will ensure that the scanner is not working properly and you can contact the scanner manufacturer for a problem.
  6. Restart Acrobat.

Restart the computer with the startup items disabled:

  1. Some applications may cause system errors or freeze when running concurrently with Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Before launching Acrobat, disable other applications, including startup items (items that start automatically with Windows).

To disable startup items on Windows, do the following:

  1. Quit all apps.
  2. Select Start> Run. Type msconfig in the open box and click OK.
  3. In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, click the Start tab and select Disable All.
  4. Click OK and restart Windows.
  5. To reboot startup items, do the following:
  6. Select Start> Run. Type msconfig in the open box and click OK.
  7. In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, click the Start tab, and then select Enable All.
  8. Click OK and restart Windows.

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hp scanner is not working

Hp Scanner is Not Working

If you have trouble with your scanner, this could indicate one of many potential problems. This could be improperly connected cables, no power supply, or improper driver software. To determine the problem, you need to perform common troubleshooting techniques for your scanner.

Cable Connections – Check that all cables are connected correctly and start. A scanner will have two links on the back of the scanner. One cable will be inserted into one power station and the other will be plugged into the system. Make sure they are securely inserted. Some scanners only rely on a USB cable for power, so they don’t have a separate power cord. As for these scanners, it is wise to connect them directly to a PC USB port rather than connecting them to a power USB port because it does not generate enough power to run the scanner.

Power – Once you have checked all the connections and checked that they are plugged in correctly, you should check that the power cord is plugged directly into the power plant, if the scanner is not running yet. You should always connect your sensitive computer equipment with surge protectors – make sure the surge protectors are turned on and check that the current is flowing by inserting other devices into the store in question. If an indicator light (like a printer) is properly connected to the scanner it should be illuminated. Also, most scanners will self-test when inserted, meaning they will perform motor adjustment and / or rapid scanning. If electricity is an issue, you should contact the manufacturer for service / repair. This information is usually found in the scanner manual.

Other Devices – If you have other devices connected to the system, shut down your computer and try to disconnect non-essential devices. In parallel, SCSI, Firewire and other USB devices may interfere with scanner functionality.

Drivers – Always consult the product software website for the latest software drivers for your scanner model. If all else fails, uninstall any scanner software / drivers completely, restart the machine, and run the latest scanner driver installation program.


Other Causes and Solutions – If an application runs in the background, it may not be possible to scan the scanner. Do not run any other applications while scanning. Review applications running on TaskManager.

hp scanner Software Troubleshooting

When a computer has a problem with its software, there are basic troubleshooting steps to try to solve the problem. Some of the problems you may encounter are as follows: Unable to install the software program; Running erratically during software installation; And / or the software setup program refuses to start or reports an error.

Unable to Install a Software Program – If you can’t install a software program, make sure you can “read” the system disk or CD. If the CD or disk is “readable” without any errors (you can review its contents under “My Computer” without error messages), then the next step is to make sure your computer meets any software requirements. For example, if your system does not have enough drive space, the program will not be installed. Make sure the software you are installing is compatible with your operating system. Older programs may only work with specific versions of your operating system. For example, some 32-bit Windows XP programs may not work on Windows 7 64-bit operating systems (or vice versa).

Serial Number Verification – Sometimes when installing software, a serial number verification or CD is required to install the program. This key or serial number must be included in your software package. Make sure you enter the number correctly. If it asks for a key or serial number, you don’t have one, or if it doesn’t work, you should contact the software developer.

Errors when installing software – If you encounter an error while installing the software, make sure you have verified the system’s system requirements. For example, if the system is left in the middle of the installation, it will produce an error and the program cannot be installed. You can try to run the system in safe mode and then try to install the program. Check that the CD has no damage like scratches. There are ways to “clean” a disk if it appears to be scratched. However, the biggest way to fix this is by reporting the correct error message. If this is an I / O read error – there is a problem with the media. If this is a C ++ or other programming runtime error, it is a software issue or “bug”. Check the company’s website for any patches / updates. Search their Knowledge Base for the error message you receive. Often, you are not the first person to receive an error message and someone has already posted it on a message board.

Loading – Sometimes the software is unloaded or an error occurs when trying to load. Sometimes this will pop up an error description and tell you how to fix the problem. If that doesn’t happen, check to see if there are any updates to the program. If other programs run concurrently, it can cause problems when trying to run the software. Restarting the system is always helpful, and should happen at least once a program is installed. Make sure you don’t run any other programs when you try a system. Also, you should not run more than one setup program at the same time. For example, you should not install new software while running Microsoft updates.

Date Correction – Sometimes the software trying to load depends on the date of the system, and this can cause problems if the date is incorrect. It depends on the operating system of the system to set the date, however, if you have Windows, do the following: Right click on “Sistre” (which is located in the lower right hand corner of the screen). Click on “Date / Time Adjustment”. A new window will open, from where you can make changes to the time, date and time zone. Click “Apply” and then click “OK” to save all your settings.

Recommendation: If you have tried everything but still have problems trying to install or run the software, you may need to uninstall the software completely (if it is actually installed), restart the system and then try to reinstall without any other programs running. at the same time.

Hp Scanner Issues with Reading CDs

Errors can occur when downloading software from a CD. It may not be properly read for many reasons. Scratches on a CD, multiple programs running at once, or an incorrect CD-ROM system may cause the CD to not work and eventually the software will not be installed on the computer.

Dirty CD – CDs will occasionally become dusty and dirty, making the CD or CD-ROM unreadable. You may want to get a cleaning tool to fix this. However, you can use cotton cloth or shirt. Start in the middle of the CD and wipe against the tracks. Do not wipe the circles (it will be with the tracks), but from the middle, wipe to the straight edge. If you clear the tracks, it can cause more scratches. You can use a little water or pure alcohol. It does not affect or destroy the CD.

Running Many Programs – Third-party programs are also known to run, and if you run multiple programs in the background of your computer, it can cause a CD-ROM error. Spyware / malware is notorious for causing odd problems like this. To solve this, use End Task to disable those programs and / or run the virus test.

Improper Setup of CD – If the CD is reading incorrectly, it can cause problems if it is set incorrectly. You should check the Device Manager to see if there are any conflicts with the CD.

Bad CD – The disk you’re trying to read is a “bad” CD because it is burned incorrectly. You may burn a CD that is not allowed to be copied and the information or program is protected from being copied. To fix this you should try to burn the CD again and check whether you have permission to copy that particular software.

Error from Auto Run – If a CD is inserted frequently it will start running automatically. This can sometimes lead to error. You need to turn off the Auto Run feature to fix it. To do this, simply remove the CD from the computer and transfer it back to the system. On the keyboard, hold down the left shift key. This will automatically disable the running feature.

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Solution: The internal error 0x50 is one of the most common mistakes faced by HP printer users. As users frequently encounter this error, here’s a quick guide to fix the internal 0x50 error of the HP printer. Read the following article to solve the problem quickly. In case you need more help; you can contact the HP Printer Help and resolve the problem in no time!

First of all, what is the 0x50 HP Printer Error?

The following error (example) is shown. 

PCL XL Error Subsystem: TEXT Error: Internal Error 0x50File Name: cheettext.cNumber:710

What’s the explanation for this mistake?

The error is mainly an issue with the used printer driver, most of which happens when the driver is corrupt.

How can I repair the mistake?

Solution 1: Your question is answered here:

  1.     Restart your printer and try to print your file. It works, hopefully.
  2.     Go to the’ Panel Power’  
  3.     Go to’ Printers and faxes’ now.
  4.     Right-click on the name of your HP Printer.
  5.     Pick’ Print Preferences’
  6.     Go to Advanced Tab.
  7.     Change it to Optimize for Text and Vector on Print Data Optimization.
  8.     Try to print a paper.

Solution 2: Here is the solution:

  1.     Restart the network connection checking machine is correct (especially crystal head)
  2.     Determine if the duplex is complete.
  3.     The data line is too long since re-installation drivers cannot be ordinary.
  4.     Reinstall drivers.

Ultimately, download the driver as follows:

  1. Disable your printer’s USB.
  2. Tap on the’ Windows ‘ button to open the’ Computer and Printers’ Window on your Mac.
  3. Now, when you click the’ Add Printer’ icon, a new window will open.
  4. Click on’ Use an existing port’ and the drop-down menu will appear and pick LPT1: (Printer Port). This option can be accessed by clicking on’ Add a local printer.’
  5. Under Manufacturer, click HP and select the Printer Driver compatible.
  6. Type the name of the printer in the box type and press Next.
  7. Your printer driver will begin the installation at this stage. Click’ Finished’ after the operation.
  8. Connect the USB to your printer and PC now.
  9. You now see a window that states,’ System Driver has not been installed successfully.’
  10. Please close it and change the driver in’ Printer Properties,’ changing the LPT1 port name to USB or DOT4.
  11. Finally, you can run a Printer Driver patch.
  12. Take a test print to verify that the problem is resolved.

If there is an issue with how to repair an HP printer malfunction, you can choose to use a professional technician to fix it. 

Are you still facing the error code 0X50? Have you tried the above-mentioned methods to resolve the issue? If the error still persists, it means that you are not troubleshooting in a proper way. Or there must be some other technical problem in the device. Let us help you to solve your HP printer error 0X50.

How to Get Backup Fax using HP Officejet 3830 Printer Control Panel?


To Get Backup Fax using HP Officejet 3830 Printer Control Panel?


  • The Above We Provide the Instructions for “How to Fax on HP Officejet 3830 Printer.” The Following Instructions are Provide the Solution for “How to get back up.”
  • Touch fax from the Home screen of the printer’s control panel.
  • Click on the Setup option and then select Preferences from it.
  • Choose the Backup Fax Reception option to backup fax.
  • Click the preferred setting options from the display.
  • Make sure if the Backup fax option is turned on.
  • Reprint the recently stored in the printer’s memory.
  • Backup the documents before it gets deleted from the memory.
  • Select On Error Only, to store the document only when the error occurs.
  • Turn on the Backup fax, if you don’t want any backup.
  • Click OK to apply the changes.

Have you tried the above-mentioned methods to resolve the issue? Are you still “Don’t know How to Get Backup Fax using HP Officejet 3830 Printer Control Panel?.” Let us help you to solve your HP Officejet 3830 fax Issue. Contact our HP Fax Customer Support.

How to Receive a Fax Manually from HP Officejet 3830 Printer?


To Receive a Fax Manually from HP OJ3830 Printer?

  • Connect to the HP Officejet 3830 printer directly to the phone to receive faxes manually.
  • Turn the printer on and keep in the ready state.
  • Load the input tray with a stack of paper.
  • Remove any documents present in the document feeder.
  • Turn on the Auto Answer and the printer automatically receives the call.
  • Set the Rings to Answer and the printer answers the incoming call.
  • Ask the sender to send the fax, if you manually attend the call.
  • Touch Fax from the Home screen.
  • Tap Send and Receive option, and select Receive Now.
  • Hang up the phone or remain silent during fax transmission.

Have you tried the above-mentioned methods to resolve the issue? Are you still “Don’t know to Receive a Fax Manually from HP Officejet 3830 Printer.” Let us help you to solve your HP Officejet 3830 fax Issue. Contact our  HP Fax Customer Support.


How to Send a HP Officejet 3830 Fax Over a Phone


To send a HP Officejet 3830 fax Over a Phone:

  • How to Fax on HP Officejet 3830 Printer Over the Phone Support – Check if the telephone line is active and is connected to the printer.
  • Turn on the printer and prepare to send a fax.
  • Load the document into the document feeder.
  • Make sure to place the document with print-side down on the scanner glass.
  • Touch fax from the Home screen.
  • Dial the recipient’s number using the keypad of the phone.
  • Inform the recipient that they have to receive the fax.
  • Hear to the fax tone, if the machine itself receives your call.
  • Wait until the HP Officejet 3830 Printer fax is transmitted to the other end.
  • Hang-up the phone when the transmitting begins.

Have you tried the above-mentioned methods to resolve the issue? Are you still “Don’t know to send HP Officejet 3830 Fax Over a Phone.” Let us help you to solve your HP Officejet Pro 6830 fax Issue. Contact us to get quick HP Fax Customer Support.


How to Send a HP Officejet 3830 Fax from computer(Windows)


To send an HP Officejet 3830 fax from the computer (Windows):

  • Turn ON the computer and fax machine.
  • “Open” the document you want to fax.
  • Click File and the menu list appears.
  • Click Print and the “print properties” dialog box opens.
  • Select the printer from the list which includes “fax” in the name.
  • “Modify the settings” by clicking the Properties button.
  • Click OK, after making all the necessary changes.
  • Select Print, to begin sending the fax.
  • Enter the fax number of the recipient, when the display prompts.
  • Make other additional changes before and finalize them.
  • Click Send Fax and the printer begins faxing, by dialing the HP Officejet 3830 Printer fax number entered.

Have you tried the above-mentioned methods to resolve the issue? Are you still “Don’t know to send HP Officejet 3830 Fax in Windows.” Let us help you to solve your HP Officejet 3830 fax Issue. Contact us to get instant HP Fax Customer Support.

How to Send a HP Officejet Pro 6830 Fax from computer(MAC)


To send a HP Officejet Pro 6830 fax from the computer (OS X):

  1. Open the document on your computer that you want to fax.
  2. From the File menu in your software, click Print.
  3. Select the printer that has “(Fax)” in the name.
  4. Enter a fax number or a name from your Contacts that already have a fax number entry.
  5. When you have finished filling out the HP Officejet Pro 6830 Printer fax information, click Fax.

Have you tried the above-mentioned methods to resolve the issue? Are you still “Don’t know to send HP Officejet Pro 6830 Fax in Mac.” Let us help you to solve your HP Officejet Pro 6830 fax Issue. Call us at   and get quick HP Fax Customer Support.