How to Send a Fax Using Software That’s Already On Your Computer(MAC) - hp officejet scanning software

Step 1: Open the report you wish to fax. Then, from the File menu, click Print.

Step 2: Click the PDF button, then select Fax PDF from the menu that pops up.

Step 3: Type in the fax number of your recipient in the To field. Don’t overlook to add the 1 and the realm code. You might also need to dial an outside-line get right of entry to code or a country code, depending on your recipient’s location.

Step 4: In the Modem box, click Internet Modem.

Step 5: Click Use Cover Page if you want a canopy page, and fill it out however you favor (this is where you’d upload a message, for those who like).

Step 6: Click the Preview button to try your fax before you send it. Once you’re satisfied, click Send.