How to Send a Fax Using Software That’s Already On Your Computer(Windows)

Step 1: Connect your PC to a running telephone line (plug the telephone jack into the port at the back of your computer or the side of your computer).

Step 2: Prepare your document you need to fax, either in Word or PDF shape.

Step 3: On Windows 7, click Start > All Programs > Windows Fax and Scan, then press Enter to launch Windows Fax and Scan. On Windows 8 and Windows 10, you can kind Windows Fax into the Start Menu seek bar, then press Enter.

Step 4: Click New Fax in the higher left corner of the toolbar and observe the wizard hook up your phone line.

Step 5: Fill out the faxing information via coming into your vacation spot telephone number, typing out a message, and attaching the documents send a fax from your computer you need to repair.

Step 6: Click Send.