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HP Smart Download - HP Smart App Installation

You can easily set up your printer on a wireless Network with the usage of the HP Smart app and easily Fix printer-related issues and also it can ale to fax without a fax machine.

Hp Smart App Setup For Android Appliances

  1. Go to Google Play Store and set up the hp smart app download on your android device.
  2. Once the app is put in open the app and click start.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions to proceed with the process.
  • Tap (+) sign on the home screen, If more than one printer connected to the wireless network choose the printer you wish to have to make use of.
  • You can add a new printer by choosing to add a printer or set up a brand new printer.

4. Stick on to the on-screen information to complete the setup process.

  1. HP Smart app is supported within the android units that have Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) version or later versions.
  2. Connect your printer after launching the app.
  • Ensure that your android software is in a similar wireless network as your printer

Hp Smart App For Apple iOS device

  1. Install the HP Smart app to your iOS Device.
  2. After the setup procedure, tap begins to open the app.
  3. To proceed with the process settle for the Terms and Conditions, the app will begin to search for the printers in the network.
  • Tap (+) signal on the house display screen, If a couple of printers hooked up to the wireless network select the printer you want to use.
  • You can add a brand new printer by opting for an upload printer or set up a new printer.
  1. HP smart app download is supported within the Apple iOS devices that have Apple iOS nine model or later versions.
  2. After installing the app release it and attach it along with your printer.
  • Ensure that your Apple iOS instrument is in the same wi-fi network as your printer.

Send a fax by using HP SMART APP without fax meachine

You can send a fax by using hp smart app without a fax machine or fax options in the printer, this condition is only applied for hp wireless printer models, now you can send a fax by using hp smart without a hp fax machine.


Hp smart app Scan and print Function

  1. You can print photos and paperwork from your android and iOS instrument. Based on the android software you can additionally print from Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram.
  2. Go to HP sensible app, tap Print Documents, print pictures to start out the printing procedure.
  • You can make a selection of the report from the cloud garage, social media device, or from your mobile tool.
  1. By deciding on the settings icon you’ll make a selection of the input source for the scan.
  2. Tap Done.
  3. To regulate the borders select scan.
  • You can also upload additional pages by choosing the extra pages icon.
  • Once the scan procedure is finished, choose Send, save, percentage, or print relying on your want Scan to record the usage of a mobile tool camera.
  1. Choose the record or the photo that you wish to have to print, the preview will get displayed.
  2. To start the printing process click print.
  • Scanning out of your printer.
  1. Start the scanning procedure by means of putting the picture or the record on the scanner glass or within the automated report feeder.
  2. Go to the HP Smart app.
  • It supplies 3 sorts of scan-scan, scan to Email, scan to Cloud. Select the scanning type that you want.
  1. By the usage of your phone camera, you’ll be able to scan the document or photo as a PDF or JPEG record, you’ll be able to save them on your cell tool, cloud account or you’ll share them in email.
  2. Choose the record or picture that you want to scan.
  • Open the HP Smart app.
  1. Choose your Mobile software and scan type.
  • In android devices: tap camera scan to e-mail, or digicam scan to cloud, or file size.
  • In apple devices :Tap Scan to Email, or scan to cloud or the digital camera possibility.
  1. After clicking the picture the preview of the scan shows.
  • In Android gadgets: You can manually modify the border via adjusting the blue dots.
  • In Apple iOS units: In Auto mode, the edges are robotically detected and it may possibly carry out multi-page scanning quickly, while the guide mode is best for one or two web page scans or when the car mode fails to stumble on the perimeters of the article
  1. You could make changes to the preview display screen.
  • You can also upload additional pages by opting for the extra pages icon.
  • Once the scan procedure is done, choose Send, save, percentage, or print relying on your want.


Problem Solving

Features of Smart App

Copy and scan using HP Smart App

You can copy and scan documents or photographs along with your cellular digital camera with the use of the HP Smart app. HP Smart provides editing gear to switch the image scanned prior to it is saved, posted, or pressed. You can print, retail your scans in the community or in the cloud and share them through emails, textual content messages, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Follow directions within the following paragraph to duplicate or scan the usage of the HP Smart app, relying on the type of pc you’re the use of.

  • Copy and scan from an Android or iOS.
  • Scan from a Windows 10.

This segment supplies elementary guidance on the usage of the HP Smart app to copy and scan from Android, iOS, or Windows 10 phones.

Print and download from an Android or iOS device by hp smart app

Download HP SMART from an Android or iOS device

  1. Open the HP Smart app.
  2. Tap the Plus button if you want to change to any other printer.
  3. Tap Copy. The integrated camera will open.
  4. Put a record or image in the entrance of the lens, select a choice for helping to define the dimensions of the unique after which click the round button at the backside of the show to size a document.

TIP: For the best effects, alternate the digital camera position to place the original within the frame equipped on the preview display screen.

5. Set the collection of copies or make other adjustments if necessary:

  1. Tap the Addition Page icon to add extra paperwork or pictures.
  2. Tap the Remove icon to erase documents or footage.
  3. Tap Resize to change the size of the original in the paper.

6. Tap Start Black or Start Color to keep a copy.


To scan from an Android or iOS device by hp smart

  1. Open the HP Smart app.
  2. Tap the plus icon if you need to modify every other printer or add a brand new printer.
  3. Choose the scan option, then the faucet Camera.
  4. The built-in digicam is closed. If you may have done changing the scanned document or image, save, upload, or print it. Scan your image or file using your digital camera.

Scan from a Windows 10 device:

You can scan a file or image by using a scanner from Windows 10 software.

If your Phone features a display screen, you’ll be able to use the HP Smart app to scan a published document or image by the use of a digicam application. You can then edit, save, print, or proportion pictures with HP Smart. Open HP Smart.

  1. To be informed more, see the Use the HP Smart App to print, reproduce, search, or troubleshoot.
  2. Click Search, then click on Camera.
  3. Please select a file or image prior to your digicam, then tap or click the round button at the bottom of the photo.
  4. Click or faucet the Apply icon.
  5. Make different adjustments if needed:
  • Click or tap Add Pages for added paperwork or footage.
  • Click or faucet To rotate or reproduction the record or picture or trade the distinction, brightness, saturation, or angle.

6. Click or tap on the Save button to reserve it or tap the Sharing icon to sharing it with others.

Checking Tin level, order supplies, printer configurations and reporting.

Hp Smart App For Android phones:

  1. Settings for Printer viewpoint and replace: you’ll be able to exchange print settings like paper trays, remote mode, auto-off and extra through atmosphere the printer.
  2. Printing Printer Report: By choosing the printer experiences, you can download information about the settings and the printer quality diagnostics and status reports out of your printer type.
  3. Printer Tools: For repairs tasks, comparable to print head cleansing, print quality equipment is aligned with the ink cartridge tap.
  4. To get details about the printer: to get the printer’s status, printer name, serial quantity, and film ware model, tap printer settings, or print data.
  5. Advanced access tools: You can use refined configurations to set energy-saving mode and check the standing of the network and set your printer’s network settings.

Hp Smart App setup for Apple iOS devices:

  1. You can get the information about the ink cartridge by way of clicking on the supported cartridge and you’ll be able to buy now the choice to purchase the ink cartridges.
  2. By going to the HP Instant Ink choice, you’ll be able to open the HP Instant Ink dashboard.
  3. You can find data about the settings, document,s and tools of the printer through the use of the printer data icon.
  • The viewing and updating settings of the printer: you can regulate the settings of the printer similar to paper trays, quiet mode, auto off, and more in the course of the printer settings.
  • Printing Printer file: You will be capable to obtain information at the settings page and studies on the printer’s diagnostic quality and standing by opting for the printer reviews on your printer model.
  • Printer Tools: To carry out upkeep tasks corresponding to print head cleansing, print high-quality instruments are aligned with the ink cartridge faucet.

Faq's for HP SMART APP

Hp Smart App setup for Apple iOS devices:

When you add your printer to an HP account, you might see an Invalid Code message when using an invalid Printer Code, or if the printer is already claimed by another HP account.

Make sure your printer has not already been added to another HP account.

  • If the printer is not connected to another account, print another Print Info Page to generate a new Printer Code, and then try to add the printer again.
  • If the printer is connected to another account, you can either remove it from that account and then add it to your account, or you can use the credentials of the other account when you sign into the HP Smart app.