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How Do I Test a HP Fax for Free? - Test Fax

You having a new hp Fax Machine or Hp fax line, If you’ve been trouble with sending & receiving faxes, you have to send & receive test faxes to confirm you machine is working properly or not. you can send a hp test fax to someone you know or use a dedicated test fax number to test you machine and line. you can also send a hp test fax to your hp fax machine using one of the free online based fax services.

Testing a Fax Line - TEST FAX

To test a fax line, be sure that your fax system is plugged into the line. Send any individual fax and ask the recipient to document whether the fax arrives and appears normal. Then, have anyone send you a hp test fax and confirm the fax arrives and prints as it will have to. if any error occurs during the test fax, please contact our hpfaxes technician.

Easily Test Fax Machine with Fax Software

HP gives a Fastest and simple fax test. Just send them a HP Test Fax and they are going to fax another a minutes.
Here the instructions of their web page:

  1. Send a one web-page black and white text fax.
  2. When your fax is received via the HP Test Fax Service, We will Send a return fax to you within ‘5’ minutes confirming that we received your fax. This verifies that each can send and receive a fax together with your hp fax machine.

“If you don’t receive a return fax within 5-7 minutes, there may be an issue with the setup of your hp fax machine. Consult the user manual that came with the product for proper HP fax setup and configuration.”

Note:- When sending the fax, turn on the Confirmation web page characteristic – a successful confirmation web page displays that the fax system on the other end has effectively received the message. Keep in mind that successfully sending doesn’t necessarily imply that the fax machine will successfully obtain a fax.

Free Web Faxing Tools & Send yourself a FREE FAX

You too can use a lot of free webs faxing equipment to Send yourself a fax without a 2nd hp fax machine. HP Fax Setup is a free, ad-supported carrier that will help you upload a record and fax it to a fax line of your choice for a hp test fax. Using this provider, you’ll verify that your fax line and fax system are able to receive test fax and print it appropriately.

If you want to verify that you’ll Send HP test fax and that it’ll be correctly received, you can use some other site referred to as Fax Toy. That website receives faxes and shows faxed subject matter at the site inside of a couple of mins. Using Fax Toy, you’ll be able to test that your machine can Send fax and that the picture is
of high quality. You can also use a number of hp online HP fax Providers, Such as eFax or HelloFax, to obtain fax. Some suppliers might fee for this carrier, however, you may be able to get a free trial for those who handiest wish to obtain fax from yourself to ensure your machine is so as.


A significant number of Digital customers use to get regular junk faxes with paper, ink, and money. Although most people download and submit PDFs, most of the business community still uses faxes. By setting up fax software (“fax and scan” have been added to Windows), they were then able to screen HP fax setup and only print them. Faxes can also automatically be sent to e-mail boxes or other faxes in a PDF standard business format. If the computer with the fax software was disabled, an external line from the computer was also run as a backup to a true fax machine.

Using a Test fax line that will fax you back

HP provides a fast and easy fax test. Only give them a test fax and within minutes they can fax another one.

Hp faxes setup

Here are instructions :

  1. Send (Your number) black-and-white text fax.
  2. When you receive your fax from the HP Test Fax Service, within five minutes we will produce a fax return confirming receipt of your fax. This ensures that both you and your fax machine can send and receive a fax.

If you don’t receive a return fax within 5-7 minutes, the configuration of your HP test fax machine can be problematic. Consult the user manual for the proper configuration and installation of the device.

Although I seldom receive faxes, I use an electronic fax service like fax.com to send faxes directly to my inbox. The savings in the loss of a landline are typically necessary for businesses to switch to electronic fax services.

Send yourself a FREE FAX

Check the following free services to send a PDF or other document to your HP fax machine/line quickly and easily. It will send a confirmation email after you fill in your email address. When you press, it’s going to submit. I have used it many times to ensure, My email fax # is still working.

  1. Send a fax for free to over 40 countries around the world. https://www.myfax.com/free/
  2. Send faxes to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for free. https://faxzero.com/

hpfaxes setup

HP Fax Machine

You can send and receive faxes, including color faxes, using the printer. You can schedule faxes for transmission later and set speed dials so that faxes can be sent to frequently used numbers quickly and easily. You can also set a number of fax options from the printer control panel, such as resolution and the contrast between lightness and dark on the faxes that you send. Before you start faxing, make sure that the printer is set up for faxing correctly. You may have done this during the initial setup, either with the control panel or using the printer-supplied HP program.

fax setup

To Test Fax Setup ?

  1. Set up the fax printer according to your specific home or office instructions.
  2. Before beginning a test, ensure that the ink cartridges are installed and that full-size paper is loaded into the input tray.
  3. Click (right arrow) from the printer control panel, and then choose Setup.
  4. Choose Software and choose Run Fax Check. The printer shows the test status on the display and prints a report.
  5. Review the report.
  • If you have problems with faxing, check for the fax settings listed in the report to verify the settings. A fax environment that is blank or incorrect can cause faxing problems.
  • If the test fails, check the report to see how to resolve problems.

How to Send a Fax ?

  1. Load the original print on to the right side of the glass or print onto the ADF.
  2. Fax Touch.
  3. Use the keyboard to enter the fax number. [To add a pause in the fax number, Touch * repeatedly until a dash (–) appears on the display.
  4. Touch Start Black or Start Color.

If the printer detects a loaded original in the ADF, it then sends the document to your entered number. [If the recipient may have problems with the fax quality you submitted, you can try to change your fax resolution or contrast. You must first install the printer driver software to use this feature.


  1. Open the document you want to fax on your computer.
  2. Click Print on the File menu of your software application.
  3. Select a printer with a “fax” name from the Name list.
  4. To adjust settings (such as choosing a black fax or fax to submit the document), press the Printer Properties dialog box button. This button may be called Properties, Choices, Printer Setup, Printer or Preferences, depending on your software application.
  5. After modifying any settings, click OK.
  6. Click Print or all right.
  7. Enter the fax number and other recipient information, modify any additional fax settings, then click Send fax. The printer begins to dial and fax the document.

Mac OS X

  1. Open the document you want to fax on your computer.
  2. Click Print from the File menu in your software application.
  3. Choose the printer with the name of “(Fax).
  4. From the pop-up menu, select Fax details. If the pop-up menu cannot be found, try clicking on the disclosure triangle next to the Printer.
  5. Enter the fax number in the boxes provided and additional information. Pick Fax options from the pop-up menu to submit color fax, and then select Color.
  6. To dial the fax number and fax the document, please select any other fax options you want.

You can make a phone call manually by sending a fax and speaking to the recipient before submitting the fax. This is helpful if you want to inform the recipient that you will fax them before sending them. When you send an HP test fax manually, you can hear the telephone calls or other sounds on the line telephone. This makes it easy for you to send your fax using a calling card.

The recipient can respond to the phone, or the fax machine could take the call, depending on how the recipient has set up his fax machine. If a person answers your phone, before sending the fax, you can talk to the recipient. If the call is answered by a fax machine, you can send a fax directly to the fax machine by listening to the fax tones of the receiving fax.

To Send a Fax Manually From an Extension Phone

  1. Load the original print side in the ADF at the right-side of the glass or print side.
  2. Fax Touch.
  3. Choose the number using the phone keyboard connected to the printer. Do not use the keyboard on the printer control panel when sending a fax manually. You have to use the keyboard on your phone to dial the number of the recipient.
  4. If the recipient answers the telephone, before sending your fax, you can talk. When you open the call from a fax machine, you can hear fax tones on the fax machine. Go to the next step to send the fax.
  5. Touch Start Black or Start Color when you are ready to send the HP test fax. Select Send Fax if prompted.

If you speak to the recipient before selling the fax, tell the recipient that after they hear fax tones, they will press Start on their fax machine.

The telephone line is silent while the fax sends. You can hang up the telephone at this point. If you want to speak to the recipient more, remain online until the fax is done.

Check dialing allows you to dial a printer panel number as you would dial a regular phone. You can listen to dial tones, telephone calls or other sounds through the speakers on the printer when you send your fax using the monitor dialing. It helps you to respond to instructions while dialing and to monitor the speed of your dialing.

If you are using a calling card and do not enter your PIN quickly enough the printer may start to send fax tones too quickly and prevent the calling card service from recognizing your PIN. If so, a speed dial entry can be produced to store the PIN for your calling card.

First, ensure that the volume is set to listen to a dial tone.

  1. Load your originals.
  2. Touch Fax, and then touch Black Start or Color Start. You hear the dial tone when the printer detects an original loaded into the automatic document feeder.
  3. If you hear the dial tone, type the number on the printer control panel using the keypad.
  4. Follow any instructions that may occur.

When you are using a calling card to send a fax, and have your calling card PIN stored as speed dial, touch the Speed dial entry where your PIN is located. Your fax is sent when the fax recipient responds. A black-and-white fax can be scanned into your memory and a memory fax can be sent. This feature is useful if your fax number is busy or temporarily inaccessible. The printer scans the originals and sends them once the receiving fax machine can be connected. After the printer scans the memory files,

The originals of the document feeder tray or scanner glass can be removed immediately.

You can only send a black-and-white fax from memory.

  1. Load your originals.
  2. Click HP Fax, and then select Fax Options or Hp Fax Setup.
  3. Touch Scan and Fax.
  4. Enter the fax number using the keyboard, key (Speed dial), or contact (Call History) to select a number previously dialed or received.
  5. Touch Start Hp Fax.

The printer scans the originals and sends the fax when the fax machine is open.

In the next 24 hours, you should schedule a black-and-white fax. It allows you to send a black-and-white fax late at night, if, for example, phone lines are not as busy or call rates are lower. The printer sends your fax automatically at the specified time.

You can only schedule a fax to be sent simultaneously. Nonetheless, you can still send faxes normally while a fax is planned.

You can only send scheduled faxes in black-and – white.

To schedule a fax from the printer control panel

  1. Load your originals.
  2. Click Fax, and then select Fax Options or Fax Setup.
  3. Touch Give fax later.
  4. Enter the time of sending via the numeric keypad, touch AM or PM, and select Fulfill.
  5. Enter the fax number using the keyboard, key (Speed dial) or contact (Call History) to select a number previously dialed or received.
  6. Touch Start Fax.
  7. The printer scans all pages and the time is displayed on the board. The fax is sent at the scheduled time.

To cancel a scheduled fax

  1. Touch the Send Fax Later message on the display.

                                        – OR –

  1. Tap Fax, and then select Fax options or Fax settings.
  2. Touch Cancel Scheduled Fax.
  3. Through grouping different speed dial entries in community speed dial entries, you can fax several recipients at once.
  1. Load your originals.
  2. Tap Fax, click (Speed Dial), and select the group of recipients.
  3. Touch Start Black.

If the printer detects an original loaded into the automatic document feeder, then the document will be transmitted to every number in the speed dial input group.

You can only submit faxes in black and white using group speed dial entries because of memory limitations. The printer scans the fax and dials the first number into the memory. When a connection is made, the fax is sent and the next number is dialed. If a number is busy or does not respond, the printer follows the Busy Redial and No Response Redial settings. If a link cannot be established, the next number is dialed and an error report is generated.

Error Correction Mode (ECM) prevents data loss from poor telephone lines by identifying errors during transmission and automatically requests that the incorrect portion be retransmitted. Phone charges on good telephone lines are unaffected or may even be reduced. On weak telephone lines, ECM raises time and telephone costs, but sends the data even more confidently. The default setting is on.

Turn off ECM only if it significantly increases telephone costs and if you can accept lower quality in exchange for lower charges. Consider the following before turning the ECM off. If you turn off ECM:

  1. The quality and speed of transmission of faxes which you send and receive is affected.
  2. The Fax Speed is automatically set to Medium.
  3. You can no longer send or receive faxes in color.

To change the ECM setting from the control panel

  1. Tap (right arrow) from the home screen, and select Setup.
  2. Contact Fax Setup and select Advanced Fax Setup.
  3. Select Error Correction Mode.
  4. Select On or Off.

How to Test Your HP Fax Line

In general, if you are not sure if a fax line or a fax machine works, you would like to ensure that faxes are actually sent and received. You can ask for help if you know someone else using a fax machine, and there are several services that can help you test your fax machine.

Testing a HP Fax Line

Make sure your fax machine is plugged into the line to test a fax line. Send a fax to someone and ask the recipient of the fax arrives and looks normal. Then send you test fax and confirm that the fax arrives and prints as needed.

If you don’t have a handy person from whom you can fax and receive a fax, various services can help you. HP, the maker of printers and fax machines, offers a free hotline at 1-888-HPFaxMe. Having your full phone number in your fax header and no caller ID in your line, HP will reply within 5 minutes with a confirmation that your fax is received. If the caller ID blocking system is activated, press * 82 before the number is dialed.

You can also use a wide variety of free internet fax devices to submit fax without second fax. Fax Zero is a free ad-supported service that lets you upload and fax a file to your chosen fax line. You can verify that your fax line and fax machine can accept test fax and print it correctly with that service.

You may use another website called Fax Toy if you want to confirm that you can fax and receive it properly. This site receives faxes and displays in a few minutes the faxed material on the website. You can verify that your machine can send a fax with Fax Toy and that the image is good. A variety of online fax services, including eFax or HelloFax may also be used to submit Hp fax. Some providers may charge this service, but you may receive a free trial if your computer is just in order to receive a fax from you.

Troubleshooting a Hp Fax Line

If you cannot send or receive a fax, the fax line or fax machine may be troublesome. Try to plug the fax machine into another phone line if you can. If the machine works, the line is probably a problem. If not, the machine probably has a problem. You should also try plugging a standard phone into your fax line and see if you should make usual calls and receive them.

If you confirm that your fax line has a problem, contact your telephone company for assistance.

Hp Fax Test Number USA, UK, Canada

HP fax test number: +1-888-hpfaxme (1-888-473-2963) (source: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00259105)

Troubleshooting a Fax Line

If you’re unable to Send or receive a fax, there will be an issue with the fax line or the fax Machine. If you can, check out plugging the fax system into a different telephone line(hp test fax).  If the Hp fax machine works, it’s likely an issue with the line. If it does not, there may be most probably an issue with the Hp fax Machine. You can also check out plugging a normal landline telephone into your fax line and see if you’ll be able to make and receive standard calls.

If you confirm that you have a problem with your fax line, contact Hpfaxes Support.

HP Fax Relates FAQ's

How do i send a fax without phone Connection?

Those days HP test fax machines need a wired connection to a phone line for carrying information and sending or receiving a fax. After the evolution of Digital printers and high-speed internet have made it possible to send a fax through a phone line or a digital process. You can even send it to a fax machine from an email. Modern HP printers offer the ability to send wireless fax. Nowadays it becomes so much easier to send a fax that they are essentially wireless fax machines if you choose to use that specific function.

Printer Requirements

If you want to Send wireless fax through an HP printer, only possible if they have a wireless network card. when your printer is connected to a wireless network, It has the ability to send wireless fax.

Sending Wireless Fax

To send the wireless fax, make sure your computer and printer are turned on and should be connected to the same network. If you are already using the HP printer, it must be installed on the network and ready to fax. If it is a new printer, you must follow the installation guide to connect with your network. Place your document in the fax tray with a cover page to identify the document on the receiving end. Select the “Fax” setting and enter the number on the receiving end. Press “Start” and the printer scans the documents and sends them through your wireless network. Your HP test fax without a phone line works fine when it is hooked up to the wireless network. You can scan each page of the document before sending the fax. If the printer does not have a fax tray.


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